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Marshall County is Under Travel Advisory

December 26, 2012

  12/27/12 The Marshall County Board of Commissioners has issued a “Travel Advisory” for Marshall County.  The “Travel Advisory” is in response to the numerous accidents and slide offs that continue to occur due the recent snow event.

The Commissioners, in accordance with Marshall County Ordinance Number 2011-16, have issued a “Travel Advisory”.  A “Travel Advisory” means that routine travel or activities may be restricted in areas because of hazardous situations.  Citizens should use caution or avoid these areas.  Businesses may begin to implement their emergency action plans.

A “Travel Advisory” indicates that travel can be risky due to the snow covered and slick road conditions.  For your safety, we would encourage those folks who do not have to be out, to stay home.

However, if you must travel, make sure you take the following precautions:

  1. Give yourself additional time to reach your destination.
  2. S-L-O-W down, and increase your following distance.
  3. Carry a “winter storm survival kit” in your vehicle that includes: a cell phone and charger, flashlight, blanket, extra clothing, first aid kit, snack food, a small can and water proof matches to melt snow for drinking water, tow rope, a sack of sand or cat litter for traction, a small shovel, jumper cables, flares or an orange flag to tie to your antenna.
  4. Keep your gas tank full
  5. Let someone know your timetable and route of travel in case you get stuck.

For additional information regarding the travel conditions throughout the state you can check the Indiana Travel Advisory Map at: or contact the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency at 574-936-3740