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December 9, 2012

12/10/12 Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation has always had one goal in mind: to get research to the FDA in order to treat the very first human patient. I want to revisit our mission this month to solidify the importance of everything we do. The mission is simple: to create national and global awareness of the potentials of the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment and raise funds to help accelerate the speed at which research progresses through human trials.

When you look at the Kanzius mission statement, you’ll realize there are two parts: creating awareness and fundraising.  We work hard to spread the wave, pitching our story across multiple platforms and mediums to maximize exposure across the US.  Because of cancer’s prevalence, there are many ears that are willing to listen to the Kanzius cause and learn about an alternative, better way. This is why I tell every audience I speak to, “please connect us!”  You know influencers that we never could meet without your introduction. To span the globe, we need your help.

The second part of the mission statement is to raise an immense amount of money necessary to fund and accelerate research. This year a record amount of money funded Drs. Curley’s and Geller’s labs. Without the hard work and dedication of everyone involved with the project, whether it is through monetary donations or “spreading the wave,” the mission of Kanzius would not move forward.

John Kanzius believed in making a difference in the lives of people who suffer from cancer. He was inspired by the children whose faces he saw undergoing chemotherapy alongside him in Houston. Nothing has changed since John’s first thought of “a better way” using a hot dog and a radiowave. The same faces that inspired him, inspire us to come together to continue working on his method. The steadfastness of all of us, standing as one to raise the profile of the Kanzius research, and more importantly, the faces of the fight, will see this treatment through to the FDA and human trials.

A crucial part of making sure this needed alternative method makes its way to the FDA is continuing to raise money. The act of fundraising makes the research in Houston and Pittsburgh possible.  It also sustains the momentum. Without every single gift donated by the thousands of people across the country in big cities and small towns, the research would slow down and could potentially stop. Every dollar is significant in bringing John’s dream to fruition and changing the way cancer is treated forever.

We often refer to the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment as John’s dream – which is true. But in the past four years, it is safe to say that this treatment has transitioned from being just John’s dream to being the dream of countless people – the committed, who have donated their time, money, and effort to make “a better way” possible.

One of the most difficult challenges we face is the approach to the FDA and the intense amount of research required to press onward. Our researchers must validate, understand and defend each of the three aspects of the treatment (nanoparticles, antibodies and radiowaves) separately and together.  The research process is arduous, time consuming and costly.

Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation works closely with the research teams to move the treatment forward, but we cannot direct how the FDA is approached. This process is controlled by Therm Med, who owns the intellectual properties of the device and treatment. We remain committed to you, the faces of this horrific disease, who deserve “a better way,” advocating on your behalf to move the process expeditiously and aggressively.

As long as we continue to stand together, true to our mission and believing in “a better way,” our dream for “a better way” is possible.

MARK A. NEIDIG SR. is executive director of the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation (