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Phase I of Riverpark Square over Budget, 3 Large items Deleated

December 6, 2012

  12/07/12 Three big items are being removed from the design of Phase 1 of Riverpark Square because the estimated construction cost is nearly a half a million dollars over budget.

Wednesday evening members of the Downtown Revitalization Committee met and discussed the changes.

Brent Martin said the performance area estimated at $150,000 the pergola in the Farmers Market and the water fountain in the Farmers Market are being moved to alternate bids for the project areas being in the actual base bid process.  Martin said he hoped competitive bidding in the spring might bring them back into phase I of the downtown park.

Another option being considered is a change in the type of construction of the restroom facility.  Changing from a block building to a pole barn would save $60,000 and a reduction of one fixture in each of the restrooms will also reduce construction costs.  Brent Martin said the restroom facility isn’t large enough for a big event any way so removing one fixture really won’t have an impact.  He continued by stating that a port-a-pots would be needed for large gatherings.

The 3 structures currently in Riverpark Square will be demolished but not until an asbestos instruction is completed.  The redevelopment commission is expected to move forward with that inspection contract in their December meeting.  It was also discussed about hiring demolition instead of having the city do the work because of the extreme cost for tipping fees at the landfill.