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Rockies change things up, result in a win over Northridge 34-0

September 8, 2012

  Rockies Head Football Coach John Barron knew something had to change after the Warsaw loss.  That change came in a couple forms to get a 34-0 win over the Northridge Raiders.

“I just felt we needed to change things up defensively.  Our corners were struggling and I wanted to fix that.”, said Barron.

That tweek by Coach Barron allowed a total of 168 Northridge yards.

“I want our fans to understand we went from a 4-man front to a 3-man front in just one week.  That means these kids made that adjustment quickly.  I was really pleased with how they played against a tough offense.”, added Barron.

The other change was at quarterback where Senior Ike Kastner made his season debut.  He ran for 220 yds and 3 touchdowns.

“Tonight showed why Ike is important to this team.  He has faced adversity.  Dealt with it.  Want ‘s to show everyone he can represent this program with the right re-dedication.  He means a lot of the field in the leadership role.  Our players know what he can do, and they believe in his ability.”, said Barron.  “We (coaches) believe in him”.

Plymouth now 2-2 on the season.  1-1 vs NLC.

Plymouth faces Elkart Memorial next Friday night at home.  Tim Martin Auto Sales Tailgate Show at 5:30pm.

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