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October 31, 2012

83 companies have communicated to the IEDC that Indiana’s enactment of right-to-work will factor into their decision-making process of where to locate current projects.

  • 66 of these projects have progressed to the pipeline stage and account for the potential of more than 8,750 projected new jobs and more than $2.5 billion in investment.
  • Of these 66 companies, 28 companies have already accepted the IEDC’s offer, accounting for more than 3,400 projected new jobs and more than $424 million in investment.
    • 6 of these companies have publicly announced that right-to-work was a factor in their decision making process-
      • Busche (Albion): “The state of Indiana and the local economic development folks have shown a willingness to do what is necessary to attract businesses to our state,” said Nick A. Busche, chief executive officer and president of Busche. “The recent passage of the right-to-work law was just another example of the strong commitment by this state to promote growth and job creation. Indiana offers an enthusiastic business climate and a great workforce. We believe manufacturers in Indiana can rely on Governor Daniels and his staff to support our efforts and investments.”
      • Android Industries (Fort Wayne): “Android chose Indiana and specifically Fort Wayne because it’s both an employee- and employer-friendly environment,” said David Donnay, vice president of human resources at Android. “Recently, Indiana became a right-to-work state and offers us a competitive location and a skilled work force to complement our state of the art technology. All of these factors went into choosing Indiana as an optimal location.”
      • Steel Dynamics, Inc. (Pittsboro): “We are appreciative that Indiana continues to be a state where Steel Dynamics can expand our product offering and increase our productivity while further establishing our future in our Pittsboro home,” said Barry Schneider, vice president and general manager of Steel Dynamics’ engineered bar products division. “The recent enactment of the right-to-work legislation is further evidence of Indiana’s commitment to providing the most competitive business environment possible for global companies like us to grow.”
      • SealCorpUSA (Evansville): “Right to Work, tax incentives and economic development programs are really the key to creating jobs and SealCorpUSA is a real company with real jobs,” said Ken Rust, president of SealCorpsUSA. “And because of the work GAGE and IEDC has done on this project, SealCorp is making the commitment to create more jobs for the next 10 years here in Evansville.” [4:13Video ]
      • Whayne Supply (Evansville): “With leaders at both the local and state levels committed to our expansion efforts, Indiana has cultivated a pro-business environment with its outstanding infrastructure, talented workforce and recent legislation to lower taxes and become a right-to-work state,” said Monty Boyd, president and chief executive officer of Whayne Supply. “All of this provides the perfect setting for Whayne Supply’s growth plans and made our decision to continue to invest in southwest Indiana an easy one.” [Video 3:51]
      • Professional Transportation, Inc. (Evansville): “PTI gave careful consideration when evaluating where to expand its transportation services with the Coach acquisition,” said Steve McClellan, vice president of PTI. “Based on the resources of qualified workers, exceptional local universities as well as Indiana’s recent right-to-work legislation, Indiana was naturally selected as the expansion area of choice.”



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