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St. Rep. Bill Friend Report

September 5, 2012

  09/06/12 The summer has been beautiful — especially if you are a sun and dry weather advocate. Not so for farmers who have needed rain for their corn and soybeans. This has just been “one of those years” for all farmers as they have watched their crops wilt and curl under the hot sun. We must accept weather as the Lord gives it to us, and farmers recognize that fact and work to accept it. Like it or not, nature is in control.

This summer, I have attended many fairs, festivals and parades. From what I have seen, people have been exceptional in their attitudes toward the drought. Person after person has had a comment about the lack of rain; however, most have been confident that everything would work out. Some are very concerned that the short crop will cause extreme financial pressure. I understand their concerns because experts say this dry spell is so geographically extended that the shortage of corn will put all livestock and ethanol production in jeopardy. There is no question that costs for corn and soybeans will increase for livestock and ethanol. Does it mean that farmers will fail? Hopefully not; and there are programs offering assistance to most farmers who elected to buy insurance. I believe that most are determined to be successful.

We have had several deaths in our community this summer. The most recent tragedy was Michael Lamb, who died in a fire in his home at Eagles Point. Mike is a longtime friend of our family, and we are very sad for his family’s loss. Mike was a great friend to John Rusie, my brother-in-law. He provided transportation and friendship to John, who is blind and unable to drive himself.

My family can only wish the best to Mike’s family. He was a good man who also served the state well as an employee.

On a more positive note, Buddy, our golden retriever, is doing very well. Countless people ask about him and his health. Buddy still likes to chase cars, but his handicap prevents him from being very effective. His condition of only three legs just slows him a bit. Our grandson, William, calls Buddy the golden tri-pod!

This summer has been tough, but so are our citizens. The dry weather will cause all of us discomfort, but we will persevere and the Hoosier spirit will endure.

More later,

Bill Friend