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The Senter’s Wellness Journey

January 26, 2012

01/27/12  Mayor Mark Senter and his wife, Leanne accepted the challenge to take a wellness journey through the Fitness Forum at LifePlex.  Their progress is being detailed weekly in the newspaper and we will have their story on our Speak-Out Site….


WELL, why not?!

32 Years ago this month I graduated from the Indiana State Police Recruit School.  After 15 weeks of tough physical (and mental) training I was ready to take on the world (okay, how about a small section of Northern Indiana!)  I weighed 147 pounds and believe it or not, 2 pounds of that was hair!  I was so glad to graduate and not have to worry about that daily 4 PM PT routine that I forgot the healthy aspects of staying “in shape.”

Off and on over the years I would begin a regiment that would last a few days and then stop.  I usually blamed it on the awful schedule that I kept while working the road in St. Joseph and Marshall Counties, but that was just an excuse.  (A good friend at the time prepared for marathons while working the same schedule that I had!)  It was when I got promoted to detective in 1987 that things really began to change.  Working a 8-4:30 Monday-Friday shift should have been easier to make time to workout, but that has never happened.  During my first mayoral campaign in 2007 I did lose about twenty pounds mostly from stress and walking door-to-door throughout The City.  I have since gained that most of that back and am now up to 220.

Sometime in mid-October I received a call from Sarah Flynn to try and sign Leanne and I up for the next round of “Wellness Journey.”  I was a bit busy with the election so I had Sarah call Leanne to set something up and now here we are!

I am also inspired by Larry Hatcher and his story in the Pilot-News awhile back.  I figure if Larry can lose 167 pounds, surely I can lose 30 or 40.  And, of course, at the same time feel better about my self and my future.

Leanne and I don’t travel much but we are looking forward to this journey down the path of wellness…Have a Merry Christmas and keep smilin’!