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Triton 2nd Graders Research Inventions

 12/03/12 Did you know that silly putty was made by accident during World War II. The government was trying to make caulk instead.

Did you know that duct tape was made out of thin cotton tape coated in waterproof plastic with a layer of rubber-based adhesive? During World War 2, it was used to keep the moisture out of bullet cases.

Mrs. Voreis’ second grade class at Triton Elementary School decided to do some research and create inventions after reading a story about friends who were making inventions. The story was titled “Pearl and Wagner Two Good Friends”


Back row: Ethan Smith, Landon Lemler, Bethany Hochstetler, Layla Gervais, Caleb Wilson, Tyler Parcels, Kiersten Gagnon, Adriana Stoner

Second row: Serena Schwartz, Collin Bollinger, Hailey Vernatter, Sydney Smith, Samantha Kanczuzeski

First row: Reagon Yoder and Shade Trent

Not pictured: Ethan Johnson