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Tyree Explains Cost for Chinese Teacher

January 12, 2012

01/13/11 The Plymouth School Board held their re0organizational meeting this week and will retain the current officers for 2012: Melissa Christiansen, president; Todd Samuelson, vice-president; and Larry Holloway, secretary.

Jeff Houin was retained as legal counsel.

Superintendent Dan Tyree announced that they are changing some of the duties of the administration office staff. Tyree said the reorganization is being put in place since the current Assistant Superintendent Rodger Smith is retiring at the end of the school year and PCSC is transitioning into budgeting for special education. The JESSE program will no longer have a business office and PCSC will assume the business portion.

Sandy Dodson has returned to the office as an interim executive secretary. Tyree said they will reevaluate the position in March to see if it needs to become permanent.

Kandi Tinkey transferred from Board Treasurer/Office Manager to Business Manager and Lori VanDer Weele transferred from Executive Secretary/Deputy Treasurer to Board Treasurer/Office Manager. Both transfer were effective as of January 1. 

Tyree explained the funding mechanism for putting a teacher of Chinese in place. Tyree said the teacher position will be funded by Valparaiso University from their Confucius Institute. While the school corporation will not have to pay the teacher a salary, they will have to provide medical insurance, car, vehicle insurance and housing. Tyree said the total cost will be approximately $20,000.

The next regular Plymouth school board meeting will be February 7.