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Where was Joe Ruiz at the WSBT Debate?

October 31, 2012

2nd District U.S. House candidate Joe Ruiz was excluded from the Tuesday night debate by WSBT, who cited Ruiz’s lack of “active” campaigning as the reason for his exclusion. Yet, before the debate on both WSBT Radio and SBT2, ads from the Ruiz campaign ran reminding voters that not all their options were included in the debate.

When asked why he was not included Ruiz stated, “(WSBT) said they had no way of knowing if I was ‘actively campaigning.’ It didn’t stop them from accepting my campaign money to run radio and TV ads prior to the debate though.”

The Ruiz ads invited interested parties to his campaign’s Facebook page to read his responses to the questions in real time. The response was huge. Fans “Liked” and Shared his responses in real time, helped to spread the word, and the radio ad went viral with multiple people sharing it on their personal Facebook pages.

Jackie Walorski posted on Facebook after the debate that it is clear there are “two paths” for voters. Yet supporters of Ruiz are dedicated to reminding the Walorski campaign that voters, not a career politician, get to decide who they vote for. There are, in fact, three distinct options for the House seat.

Ruiz posted during the debate that he feels the free market is best suited for improving health care and he pointed to the fact that national deficits continue rise under both Republican and Democratic leadership.

Joe also stated, “I will never vote to raise taxes.” He continued, “I would always vote in favor of lower taxes. Period.”

Joe also reminded voters that contrary to Jackie Walorski’s claim, government does not create jobs. Joe said he believes lower taxes, fewer government burdens on small businesses, and “allowing individuals to maintain more of their own income so that families can begin to save and invest” are the best policies for an improved economy.

Joe concluded by pointing out that the debate was mostly bickering between Walorski and Brendan Mullen over their ads. “This is how they’ll behave in Washington,” Ruiz said. “I have more to lose, and thus you have more to gain in voting for me. I am asking you to try something different in 2012. Vote Ruiz…I will not disappoint you.”
Joe Ruiz
Libertarian Party Candidate
U.S. Congress, IN-2


Sent by: Ryan Liedtky, campaign manager for Joe Ruiz.