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2012 M.C. Jail Report

February 13, 2013

02/14/13 Marshall County Sheriff Tom Chamberlin presented the 2012 Jail Report dated February 6th to members of the Common Council via email this year.  Last year there were 2,177 new adult jail bookings, this averages to 5.9 persons per day throughout the year, an increase of 92 more bookings over the 2011 figures.

The top ten identified booking reasons in 2012 were (from 10 to 1) Illegal consumption of alcohol with 65, Cocaine/Meth 76, Operating without a license 91, Public intox 96, and Probation violation 107.  Number 5 is Driving while suspended 118, Marijuana 125, Theft 199, Failure to appear 292, and the number one reason while people were placed in the County Jail last year…Operating While Intoxicated with 409.  The top three…theft, failure to appear and OWI were the same in 2011.

Three juveniles were booked into the county jail in 2012, a 17 year old for aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, another 17 year old for operating a vehicle while intoxicated and a 16 year old arrested for theft and dealing in a counterfeit substance.

The average daily count in 2012 was 121.6 inmates.  In 2011 the average was 98.8 and in 2010 it was 100.7.  On a side note, the January 2013 daily average inmate count was 150.5which is a 20% increase in the yearly average.

The jail staff prepared 409 incident reports down from 441 in 2011.  Reports document inmate fights, jail rule violations, insubordination, behavior tickets, destruction of jail property, contraband found during cell block shake downs, as well as medical injuries involving inmates.