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2013 School Accountability Grades Released

December 22, 2013

  12/23/13 Schools across the state have finally been given accountability grades for the 2012-2013 school year that they can share with the public. School corporations were given preliminary grades and given an opportunity to appeal a few weeks ago; however, the final release of grades to the public had to wait until the State Board of Education met on December 20 to vote on the matter.

Much of the delay in getting grades out falls into the hands of the company (McGraw-Hill) administering the ISTEP+ tests. Computer failures plagued the testing across the state. Many students were closed out of the computer while testing.

Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction, Glenda Ritz, issued comments on Friday. She said, “I want to thank Indiana educators, administrators, parents, and most importantly, students for their patience and countless hours of work over the last academic year.” Ritz added, “Due to problems caused by the company that administered the ISTEP, these 2012-2013 school accountability grades were unfortunately delayed until this point.”

Ritz went on to promise that a new grading system being implemented is being designed to better inform schools and the community at large. She said, “Though this current model for calculating school accountability grades will be changing, the data does show that some great learning is occurring in our schools, and I want to congratulate our students for their successes.” “The 2013-2014 school year will be the last year for our current model.” she said.

Ritz continued, “As superintendent, I am excited that our new model for school accountability will measure both students performances and growth in a way that gives our educators, students, and parents the needed information to address each student’s academic needs.” “The new, more transparent and fair model will be fully operational for the 2014-2015 school year.” Ritz said.


                                    2013          2012

Argos Elementary                    A                D

Argos Jr.-Sr. High School       B                B


Bremen Elementary                C                A

Bremen Middle School           C                A

Bremen High School               A                A



Culver Elementary                   C                 A

Culver Middle School              D                 D

Culver High School                  B                 C


John Glenn High School           A                  A

North Liberty School                 A                  A

Walkerton Elementary             B                  B


Oregon-Davis Elementary         B                  C

Oregon-Davis High School        C                  D


(Plymouth Schools)

Washington Discovery                A                  A


Webster Elementary                    A                  A

Jefferson Elementary                   A                  D

Menominee Elementary              B                   C

Riverside Intermediate               A                   B

Lincoln Junior High                     B                   C

Plymouth High School                A                   A


Triton Elementary                       A                   C

Triton Jr.-Sr. High School         A                   C



LaVille Elementary                  A                   A

LaVille Jr.-Sr. High School      C                    D

Carol Anders Correspondent

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