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30 Units of Blood Collected in Last Saturday’s Blood Drive

  02/14/13 Melissa Newton, Blood Donor Recruitment Specialist with the South Bend Medical Foundation released the results of Mayor Senter’s blood drive last Saturday at the Earthworks Market.  There were a total 41 presenting donors with 30 units collected and 11 deferrals.  Newton said, “It’s pretty amazing to know that the drive you put together will save the lives of up to 90 people right here in our community!”

During 2012 Mayor Senter conducted a total of five blood drives with the South Bend Medical Foundation.  In April 48 donors signed in with 6 deferrals and a total of 42 collected. In May the blood drive collected 16 units with 19 presenting donors and 3 deferrals.  The July drive netted 27 units with 37 presenting donors and 10 deferrals.  In September 30 people signed up to donate with 5 being deferred and them collecting 25 units.  The final blood drive was in December with only 14 units being collected from 18 potential donors and 4 deferrals.  In total the Mayor’s 2012 blood drives collected 124 units potentially saving 373 lives in our local community.

Mayor Senter will conduct his next blood drive with the South Bend Medical Foundation on April 6th.  This drive will be in honor of Marsha Banning.  Keep listening to WTCA for complete details.