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City Building Permits and Values Up for 2012

January 30, 2013

  01/31/13 Plymouth’s Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds presented the 4th quarter report and the annual report for activity in his department.

In the final quarter of 2012 a total of 40 permits were issued with an estimated cost of construction value of $1,412,742.  Permits were issued for one single family dwelling and one temporary sign.  Other permits included 2 – roofs, 2 – signs, 10 – renovations, and one each for a fence, new construction and, plumbing.  Other permits issued during Oct. Nov. and Dec. include 8 electrical permits, 3 demolition permits, 4 additions and 6 accessory structures.

Looking at the 4th quarter of 2011 43 permits were issued with an estimated construction cost of $943,016.

The Year End Report for the Building Commissioner showed a slight increase in the number of permits issued.  During 2011 a total of 205 permits were issued while last year 235 permits were issued by Hammonds.  The estimated value of the construction permits issued also increased from $7,588,630 in 2011 up to $12,786,502 in 2012.

Permits issued for 2012 included 9 single family dwellings, 8 temporary sign permits, 26 permanent sign permits, 4 permits were issued for roofs while there were 11 porches and 3 pools. Last year 31 permits were issued for renovations, 5 for plumbing, 3 new construction, one each for a handicap ramp and for a foundation and 23 for fences.  Other permits issued in 2012 by the city building department included 37 electrical, 10 demolitions, 9 decks, 3 build outs, 29 additions and 22 accessory structures.

Building inspector Hammonds said,  “Things are slightly going up.”