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School Board Proceeds with Summer Maintenance Projects

March 6, 2013

 03/07/13 The Plymouth School Board approved beginning the bid process for summer maintenance projects. David Schoof, director of maintenance, presented a list of potential projects to the Board during a regular meeting on March 5. The total estimated cost of the projects totals $476,700; however, $200,000 of the cost will be paid for through a refunding bond.

At an earlier meeting this year, the Board financed bonds and the measure allowed for the monies to be made available.  Schoof explained that some of the project costs are for materials only, including LED exterior lighting and water line repairs. He further explained that an asbestos abatement at Jefferson Elementary is for areas in mechanical areas and not in any student area. He said the areas are managed and for the most part, encapsulated.

The largest number of improvement projects will be for Plymouth High School. Schoof said the building was the largest in the county. Some of the needed replacements for doors are for original frames that were installed in 1974, according to Schoof.

Following is a complete list of proposed projects for 2013:


Asbestosis abatement                     $5,000

LED exterior lighting                  $2500

Painting classrooms               $4,000

Replace boiler flue piping              $7,500


Gym floor maint.                              $3,500

Water seal masonry                        $15,000


Gym floor maint.                              $3,000

Roof repairs                                     $5,000

Water line repairs                           $5,000


Fire alarm upgrade                         $10,000

Roof replacement                            $20,000


Gym floor maint.                              $3,700

LED exterior lighting                    $5000

Plumbing fixtures                            $10,000

Innovation academy Renovations   $150,000*

*refunding bond

Lincoln Jr. High:

Led exterior lighting                     $5,000

Tuck pointing                                   $25,000

Media Center                                   $50,000*

*refunding bond

Plymouth High School:

ADA Signage                                    $7,500

Chiller VFP                                       $5,000

Exterior doors                                 $35,000

Fence Repairs                                  $5,000

Gym floor maint                              $5,000

Interior Doors                                 $10,000

Replace drop ceilings & Lights

Locker room   D&E             $40,000

Sidewalk replacement                    $40,000


*Bond projects                                $200,000

CPF projects                                    $276,700