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Jana’s Gymnastics Teams First at Spring Fling

April 15, 2013

04/16/13 Jana’s Gymnastics competed in the Spring Fling Gymnastics Meet in South Bend on Saturday.  Jana’s Silver, Gold and Platinum teams combined to win first place beating 11 other teams for the title.



Krista Lauck: Vault 8.05(4th), Bars 9.0(1st), Beam 7.2, Floor 8.65, AA 32.9(4th)

Megan Crum: Vault 7.45, Bars 8.5(4th), Beam 7.9(4th), Floor 8.9(4th), AA 32.75

Helen Guseilla: Vault 7.2, Bars 7.5, Beam 7.0, Floor 8.6, AA 30.3

Lydia Hall: Vault 6.7, Bars 8.1, Beam 7.8, Floor 9.25(1st), AA 31.85

Makenna Jackson: Vault 8.3(3rd), Bars 7.8, Beam 8.2(2nd), Floor 8.5, AA 33.15(3rd)

Kasi Harner: Vault 8.35(2nd), Bars 8.8(3rd), Beam 8.5(1st), Floor 9.2(2nd), AA 34.85(2nd)

Lizzie Pugh: Vault 8.4, Bars 9.3(3rd), Beam 7.75, Floor 9.25, AA 34.7

Kiersten Meyer: Vault 7.85, Bars 8.7, Beam 8.0, Floor 9.1, AA 33.65

Megan Meyer: Vault 8.2, Bars 9.0, Beam 8.5, Floor 9.45(2nd), AA 35.15

Haylie Rodriguez: Vault 8.65(5th), Bars 8.6, Beam 7.35, Floor 9.45(2nd), AA 34.05

Tess Petzke: Vault 8.7(4th), Bars 8.8, Beam 8.95(3rd), Floor 9.5(1st), AA 35.95(4th)

Lillian Justice: Vault 8.5, Bars 9.1(5th), Beam 8.55(5th), Floor 9.3(4th), AA 35.45(5th)



Camryn Haskins: Vault 7.8, Bars 7.7, Beam 7.2, Floor 8.9, 31.6

Eliza Silveus: Vault 7.1, Bars 9.1(4th), Beam 7.9, Floor 9.0(5th), AA 33.1

Tessa Hutchinson: Vault 8.5(3rd), Bars 9.4(1st), Beam 8.5(5th), Floor 9.4(1st), AA 35.8(3rd)

Savannah Hissong: Vault 8.15, Bars 9.0(6th), Beam 8.9(2nd), Floor 9.15(3rd), AA 35.2(6th)

Dorothy Karris: Vault 9.2(2nd), Bars 9.4(1st), Beam 9.3(1st), Floor 9.25(2nd), AA 37.1(1st)

Klara Guseilla: Vault 9.35(1st), Bars 9.3(3rd), Beam 8.7(3rd), Floor 9.15(3rd), AA 36.5(2nd)

Emma Young: Vault 8.8, Beam 8.5(3rd), Floor 9.2(1st), AA 26.5

Megan Kersey: Vault 8.65, Bars 9.0(5th), Beam 8.8(4th), Floor 9.3(2nd), AA 35.75(4th)

Kennedy Sopher: Vault 9.4(2nd), Bars 9.2(2nd), Beam 9.2(1st), Floor 8.8, AA 36.6(2nd)

Lauren DeMont: Vault 9.45(1st), Bars 9.4(1st), Beam 9.1(2nd), Floor 9.3(2nd), AA 37.25(1st)

Madison Smith: Vault 9.05(5th), Bars 9.1(3rd), Beam 9.0(3rd), Floor 9.35(1st), AA 36.5(3rd)



Sara Hunter: Vault 8.7(8th), Bars 8.3, Beam 7.2, Floor 9.1(4th), AA 33.3(10th)

Kennedy Lauck: Vault 8.85(6th), Bars 9.0(1st), Beam 7.75, Floor 9.5(1st), AA 35.1(3rd)

Claudia Marohn: Vault 9.0(4th), Bars 7.6, Beam 9.0(1st), Floor 9.35(2nd), AA 34.95(4th)

Katie Lauck: Vault 9.05(3rd), Bars 8.8(4th), Beam 6.9, Floor 8.85(9th), AA 33.6(9th)

Julia Marohn: Vault 9.1(3rd), Bars 8.8(3rd), Beam 9.35(1st), Floor 9.4(1st), AA 36.65(1st)



Kyla Heckaman: Vault 9.3(1st), Bars 7.6, Beam 8.4(3rd), Floor 9.4(1st), AA 34.7(3rd)

Emma Delinski: Vault 8.35, Bars 9.1(1st), Beam 8.0(5th), Floor 9.35(2nd), AA 34.8(2nd)

Mia Harvey: Vault 8.75, Bars 8.0, Beam 8.0(5th), Floor (9.0(5th), AA 33.75

  Pictured are Bronze Team members from Left to Right: Kasi Harner, Megan Crum, Tess Petzke, Makenna Jackson, Kiersten Meyer, Lydia Hall, Megan Meyer, Krista Lauck, Lillian Justice, Lizzie Pugh, Helen Guseilla, Haylie Rodriguez.

  Silver and Gold Team members from Front Row: Camryn Haskins, Claudia Marohn, Eliza Silveus, Dorothy Karris, Savannah Hissong, Tessa Hutchinson, Klara Guseilla Back Row: Madison Smith, Megan Kersey, Sara Hunter, Lauren DeMont, Kennedy Lauck, Emma Young, Julia Marohn, Katie Lauck, Kennedy Sopher

  Platinum Team members Kyla Heckaman, Mia Harvey, Emma Delinski