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One Man Play “The Man from Altergate” at Miller’s

October 3, 2013

10/04/13 B.J. Johnston of Mississippi recently spent several days in the Plymouth area sharing his love of theater and GOD in his one man play title “The Man From Altersgate”.  Johnston spends about two hours before a presentation transforming himself into John Wesley who is considered the founder of Methodism. The play, written by Brad Smith, takes about two hours in its full form. However, Johnston adapts the presentation to fit the audience and the time period allotted. 

Johnston presented the play at The First united Methodist of Plymouth and Argos and he also gave a private showing for the residents of Miller’s Senior Living Community while in town.

“The play is about transformation,” he said. “We see Wesley transformed from a man who would earn his salvation to giving up and realizing he can’t earn his salvation.  What a difference there is between someone talking about Wesley and seeing someone acting it out,” Johnston said. “It engages a person’s imagination.”

  Johnston combines humor, song and fact to bring Wesley alive to the audience.  Following the performance Johnston invites the audience to ask questions which he answers while still in the character of Wesley.   At the end he gently loosens his wig and introduces himself as Johnston – a humble actor who has spent most of his life working as a missionary using theater and music to spread the gospel.

To find out more about B.J. Johnston and “The Man From Altersgate” go to


Photo Caption:

1.      John Wesley (B.J. Johnston) introduces himself to Miller’s resident Vonna Rettinger during his one – man play “The Man From Altersgate”.

2.     John Wesley (B.J. Johnston) reads from his Bible during a one-man play titled “The Man From Altersgate”.