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Property Owner Delays 7th Road Project

October 24, 2013


  10/25/13 Final payment for land in the 7th project has been held up for one parcel.

After Marshall county actually cut a check to the landowner for the fourth parcel needed for the project, the landowner has refused payment hoping to amend the deal.

Price is not the issue. The landowner is hoping to do a “property exchange” for another parcel of land they are purchasing. While such exchanges are not unusual the fact that federal highway dollars are involved complicates the sale.

The landowner has refused to accept the check from Marshall County for $137,675. In order to use it for the land exchange it must be made out to the purchasing entity of the other property involved and not the individual landowner. Meanwhile the county does have a signed deed for the property to be used for 7th Road.

While the landowner has now threatened to sue the county to have the check issued in the name of the exchange company, County Attorney Jim Clevenger’s concern is that federal matching funds for the project are not threatened.

Marshall County will proceed to seek a legal solution through INDOT and the federal highway.

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One Response to “ Property Owner Delays 7th Road Project ”

  1. Thor on October 25, 2013 at 8:19 am

    And therein lies the problem with federal matching funds.

    The federal government should maintain the interstate system and keeps its nose out of local infrastructure development. Localities would actually have more money to spend with fewer restriction placed on them, and increased flexibility, if there was not some overarching bureaucracy to bend and scrape to.