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Sellers Family given 5 Burial Plots for Cemetery Issue

October 28, 2013

  10/29/13 Members of the Plymouth Common Council approved a settlement agreement and release with the Seller’s family concerning an issue at Oakhill Cemetery. 

In 2007 Robert Sellers purchased eight burial plots in Oakhill Cemetery.  The family’s intent was to have the specific family members buried in specific plots. Robert and his daughters Kathy and Nancy meet with Cemetery Sexton Jim Ousnamer.  As a matter of convenience and a way to save some money the 8 plots were purchased together as one family deed.

When mother, Susie passed away 2010 and she was laid to rest.  It wasn’t until 2012 when the area began to fill in with other gravestones that concerns were brought forth by the Sellers family that their mother was in the wrong plot. At that time it was determine that she had been buried in plot E instead of D. 

The Sellers family members allege that Sexton Ousnamer was not sensitive with the family and said something to the effect, “I don’t make mistakes.”  He then suggested the family speak with Mayor Senter.  In July 2012 family members met with the Mayor who advised he would look into the matter. 

The city determined the mistake was not their mistake and they would not pay for moving Suzie Sellers to the correct plot.  In January 2013 after further discussion the city said they would waive the fees to exhume, an estimated cost of $1,300. In May of this year the family decided they did not want to move Mrs. Seller.  They suggested a settlement of five burial plots, the amount roughly what the city would have waived in order to move Susie.    

After negotiating back and forth between the Sellers family and the city the settlement agreement was reached in which the city will provide to the family with five additional plots together somewhere nearby their eight plots in the cemetery.   Monday evening members of the City Council approved the agreement.   

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