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River Park Square Nearing Substantial Completion

November 25, 2013

  11/26/13 Mike Reese from the Troyer Group updated members of the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission last week on the River Park Square Project. 

  Michiana Contracting, contractors for the project expect to have substantial completion by the end of the month.  The punch list should be finalized and the majority of those items addressed by the end of November.  There has been a delay in the project due to some of the specialized features being used in the park.  It was also noted that weather conditions have made it impossible to seed the lawn areas. Prices are being sought to sod the vendor space, noting that seeding would not have time to take hold prior to the Farmers’ Market being open.  The remaining green space will be seeded in the spring.

  Reese presented a list of potential deducts to the Redevelopment Commission that could total an estimated $3,080.  Proposed deductions include the elimination of handrails at the performance center for $1,790.  The handrails are basically decorative in nature and code doesn’t require them and it was noted that they could block the view of performers on the stage.  If necessary they could be added in during phase two depending on the completion of the audience area for the performance space.  Another deduct is the material and labor for the new Christmas Tree at a cost of $890.  The other two proposed deduces are a valve box for $420 and the elimination of two 12x12x4 foot concrete pads at the Farmers’ Market.

  The bushes, plants and trees have been installed.  Many of the Birch trees have been upsized at no additional cost by the landscaper due to the end of season supply. 

  Still discussing River Park Square, Redevelopment Commission member Dan Tyree said he drove some visitors through the park and they commented that the park was a “Gem for the city.” 

  From the audience, B.A. Martin commented that a young couple with a child recently rented an upstairs apartment from George Schricker.  They specifically selected the apartment due to its proximity to the new park.  It was noted that River Park Square could be a “spring board for economic development in the downtown area.”   

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