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6th Grade DARE Graduation in Plymouth

January 16, 2013

  01/17/13 We know that drug abuse effects every segment of our society. It is not preserved for the big cities or the poor or broken homes. In the best of our nation’s schools, in the finest and most nurturing of families, in he most affluent of homes.

Plymouth Police Officer, Mark Owen has been the DARE officer since 1999. The DARE program gives kids the life skills they need to avoid involvement with drugs, gangs, and violence. At the end of the DARE program each student writes an essay on how they will use the strategies they were provided in DARE. The program has also been beneficial in allowing the students to building a positive relationship and identify with the Plymouth Police Department.

On Wednesday, Jan. 9 Riverside Intermediate School hosted its annual DARE graduation. The sixth grade students of St. Michaels as well as Riverside attended the ceremony. Officer Owen read aloud excerpts from a sixth grade student who wrote of her own personal experience:

Do you want to ruin your life? Well, if you don’t want to ruin your life don’t do drugs! Drugs will put you in the hospital or a grave. You will get into a lot of trouble by the police. I have experienced people in my family getting in trouble.

When I was little I would stay up and cry. I had experience it last year. My mom had a meth lab in a garage. I did not know about until Child Protective Service picked me up at school. I had no clue what was going on. They took me to a room in the office and that’s when they told me. I was crying. My mom told me I had to go to the hospital. I asked why? They said I had to take a drug test. I was confused I didn’t understand why I had to take it as I wasn’t on drugs. They said I might have some in my system. I didn’t have any in my system.

I was allowed in the house to get my stuff. I couldn’t see my family or stay with anyone for a while. I missed my mom. I wasn’t eating. When I did eat, it wouldn’t stay down. I didn’t sleep. I ran away 5 times because I thought it would make life easier. Mom was in jail, I could not see her.

So, don’t do drugs. It doesn’t only ruin your life, it ruins your loved ones too. I still cry everyday because of it. Nothing can help the fact that I went through that. All drugs do for you is ruin your life. Drugs are dangerous and bad for you. So take this advice and Just Say No!

These students were recognized as the top essay winners for each classroom in grade 6. CeCe Robinson and Levi Crawford will attend the county recognition dinner.

Picture L to R: Front Row: Lindsey Stiles, Halle Reichard, Tia Frushour, Lois Erickson, Shannon Master        Second Row: Brayson Leasenby, Rebecca Christlieb, Jackson Lee, CeCe Robinson, Kobe Johnson, Levi Crawford      Third Row: Officer Mark Owen and Plymouth Police Chief Jim Cox absent was Trevor Dunn