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School Board Approves $900,000 Contract for Closed Circuit TV’s

December 4, 2013

  12/05/13 The Plymouth School Board put the final stamp of approval on a Closed Circuit TV installation project for the Plymouth Community Schools.

At the last meeting of November, the Board approved EMCOR as the Guaranteed Savings Provider for the project that will mean upgrades to the video cameras in all nine buildings in the corporation. Additionally, the upgraded system will allow security personnel to view the videos from a central site as well.

The Closed Circuit TV project stems from a recommendation from James Phillips, Director of Safety and Security for the corporation. When Phillips reviewed areas possibly involving safety and /or security after his hire in July of this year, the Closed Circuit TV upgrade was on or near the top of his list. Earlier this year, the Board approved a $1.45 million bond to fund items that Phillips recommended, including the Closed Circuit TV project.

During the December 3rd School Board meeting, Corporation Business Manager, Kandi Tinkey, asked the board to approve a contract with EMCOR.  Tinkey said, “As the qualified provider, EMCOR has now provided us with a fully engineered, open book quotation for the CCTV installation in all nine PCSC buildings.” She added, “EMCOR is proposing an engineered open book price of $922,033.” Stipulations within the contract mean that EMCOR guarantees that the price will not exceed that dollar amount.

Tinkey said, “Additionally, if the price ends up being less than the $922,033, we (PCSC) will receive the difference back.”

In the past, Superintendent Daniel Tyree has indicated that the process allows the corporation to have more control of the design, implementation, and equipment selection using EMCOR. Tinkey reiterated that point at the December meeting saying, “There is no risk of unforeseen costs involved, because there are no additional costs for change orders.”

The Board approved the contract on a vote of 5-0.

Phillips reassured the Board that the project is a sound step saying, “I am confident that this will meet all of our needs.”

Carol Anders Correspondent