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Amish Mafia in Town Wednesday

March 20, 2013

  03/21/13 A couple of new TV celebrities were in town on Wednesday because their vehicle broke-down on US 30.  Discovery Channel’s Amish Mafia, an American reality television series debuted in December 2012 and has averaged 3.3 million viewers according to TV Guide.

Brothers, John and Freeman Schmucker were traveling from North Dakota where they live and work to Pennsylvania to begin filming the second season later this month.  Their vehicle broke down in Starke County but the towing company wasn’t able to work on it right away.  They called Lyons Towing and PeeWee, not knowing who it was said they could get it in and get them back on the road in no time.

  A big fan of Amish Mafia, as soon as John walked into the shop PeeWee stopped, starred and said “John….Amish Mafia?”  John shook his head in acknowledgement.

A phone call to WTCA sent reporter Kathy Bottorff to the West Jefferson Street business for a quick interview and photo op.

When asked about the TV reality show the brothers indicated that most of the filming is done in Lancaster County, PA and the Amish characters in the show either live there or have close ties to the area.

Critics have questioned the show’s validity, but the Discovery Channel insists the events are based on “witness” accounts.  John too agreed and said the shows are taken from events that have actually happened although sometimes they are embellished a bit.  He said that much of the filming is actual but they also do reenactment.  John said that his sister, Ester, another character in the show helps writers with story lines.

This was an eye opening experience and the brothers were very candid with their answers.  When asked if they were getting rich for doing the series John expressed that it wasn’t enough to live on.  He said that he owns a construction company in North Dakota.  When asked how his parents felt about him and a few of his siblings being on a TV show he said they did not accept the show nor do they want anything to do with but they do want the best for him.