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Argos Elementary Takes on “The Big Pumpkin”

October 15, 2013

  10/16/13 Argos Elementary students participated in a pumpkin guessing contest this fall and had two chances to win.  Students in each classroom who guessed the closest to the actual weight of the pumpkin, before carving by library assistant Kim Kinney, and those who guessed the closest to the number of seeds were the winners.  Oh yes, the pumpkin weighed 54 pounds and had 568 seeds.


Picture IDs:

Row 1 (bottom row): Corbin Rex, William Barenie, Kanyan Boldizar, Gabe Shields, Zayne Ruby, Gabe Ockerman, Logan Smith

Row 2: Jamin Trump, Sebastian Pask, Lucas Stults, Chance Pinkowski, Boyd Paul, Joel McIntire

Row 3: Teia Shields, Peyton Filson, Grace Thomas

Row 4: Jacob Stone, Toni Howard, Johnathon Nettrouer, Jaiden Klingerman, Robbie Zieber

Row 5: Brittany Young, Hailey Lagenour, Cory Keyser, Jayce Morris, Jordan Howard

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