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Argos Jr. Sr. High Hosts Student Parent Meeting

April 14, 2013

  04/15/13 Argos Jr.-Sr. High School is excited to welcome the Class of 2019 by hosting a meeting for parents and students on Tuesday, April 16th at 6:30PM in the Argos Jr.-Sr. High School Auditorium. Argos is eager to share the special experience that a student can enjoy by being part of Argos Jr.-Sr.High School. 

Mrs. Judy Delp, Guidance Counselor for grades 7-12, will give an overview of important aspects of junior high life atArgosincluding both the “structure” and the “heart” of the school. 

On the “structure” side of the Argos Junior High School experience: schedule times, schedule offerings, grading guidelines, activity period programming, study tables, assignment books, attendance & discipline guidelines, Jr. High Rewards Trip criteria, technology, sports & club options will be discussed as well as career exploration progression and the State of Indiana Graduation Plan will be explained.   Each family will work together at the end of the program to set a goal for their son or daughter’s next six years of schooling.

On the “heart” side of the ArgosJunior High Schoolexperience, families will learn more about how a traditional environment like Argoscan offer a secure and happy educational experience for each student.   Recently, current 8th grade students atArgos were asked to share what they like aboutArgos and this is what they said:  

“I like that teachers really get to know us as they often have us for two or more years.  And I also like that I can continue to see my elementary teachers and that those teachers can continue to be part of my life.”

 “I enjoy that teachers seem to really like each other and that their relationship to each other make our classrooms more fun.  But I understand that my teachers will push me and expect me to do my best.”

“ I appreciate that teachers are available before school, during Activity Period and after school including at Study Tables to work with me 1 on 1.”

“ I like that my teachers seem to be “on the same page” and I think becauseArgosis small, that both teachers and students have more chances to work together on lessons and projects.   I also believe that becauseArgosis small, students are seen as individuals and their voice can be heard.”

“ I think students have better opportunities to be part of a sports team, music group or have a leadership role in a club.”

 One of the strongest assets of an Argoseducation is that in a K-12 building there are many opportunities for older students to volunteer and serve as role models for the elementary students.   The essence of Argos Schools is each student is special and has an important role to play in the school community.   AND it is a place that everyone does truly know your name – the first day.   Come Tuesday, April 16th at 6:30PM and see for yourself the value of anArgos education.