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Bullying, Physical Attack and Social Media Issue at LaVille Jr./Sr. High

November 23, 2013

  11/25/13 Incidents at LaVille Jr./Sr. High School that led to three in and/or out of school suspensions and one detention, took school administrators  nearly a whole day to investigate. The incidents allegedly involved bullying, physical attacks, and social media.

According to LaVille Dean of Students, Michael Edison, the incidents were not immediately reported. The investigation involved speaking to all of the students involved as well as other students who witnessed the incidents.

The mother of a 13-year-old students discovered that her son had been physically assaulted during a class period last Monday by a female student and again in the hallway on Wednesday by another female student. The incidents were reported to both school administrators and the St. Joseph Sheriff Dept.

The first incident was recorded on a video shot by a fellow student and posted on the internet in an Instagram and on Twitter. The video shows the boy being struck several times, including blows to the side of his head, in the classroom.

The male student was seen by a physician on Friday. According to the boy’s mother, the physician indicated that there was bruising and some tender spots.

Edison and Union-North Superintendent Mitchell Mawhorter said the teacher in charge of the students was teaching in divided areas where there is a classroom space and an adjacent shop area. Edison said he was able to verify that the teacher was working with students in the shop area, but checking frequently on the students by looking through a window between the two areas.

The female student shown on the video received a five-day out-of -school suspension for “Use of Force” along with “Destruction of Property”. During the incident, she reportedly slammed a computer lid closed and broke the computer screen. The incident on Wednesday led to a two-day out-of -school suspension for “Use of Force”.

According to Edison, the male student received a two-day in-school suspension for what he termed “agonizing the situation” by verbally teasing the girl. The boy’s mother insists that the punishment is unjust and that she will not allow him to complete the suspension.

According to the boy’s mother, two other male students were involved, but the female chose to attack her son. She said, “The other boys were bigger. She hit my son because he is a smaller.” She added, “The things they say he was saying are out of character for him and he wouldn’t talk that way.”

The internet postings were not taken down until late on Friday. The mother says the postings have caused great embarrassment to her son. She also indicated that she is pursuing enrolling him in another school district. 

The school corporation’s Bullying Policy does include language referring to humiliation. The first paragraph of the policy is as follows: “Bullying is defined by the act as overt, repeated acts or gestures, including verbal or written communications transmitted, physical acts committed, or any other behaviors committed by one student or group of students against another student with the intent to harass, ridicule, humiliate, or harm another student.”

The male student posting the video was ordered to remove it from the internet and faces one after-school detention. Students are prohibited from use of a computer or cell phone in the classrooms.

Mawhorter said officers from the Sheriff Dept. did come to the school to investigate. It is not known at this time if any further action will be taken by authorities.

Mawhorter said they would use the time regularly set aside for professional development of staff to re-iterate proper reporting following any incidents.

Carol Anders Correspondent

11 Responses to “ Bullying, Physical Attack and Social Media Issue at LaVille Jr./Sr. High ”

  1. Andrew on December 10, 2013 at 10:24 am

    I check this thread to see if my good buddy here has left any comments based on my last one and found this instead.

    I am thinking here that either 1: the last poster didn’t read the article, or 2: the poster *was* one of the people mentioned in this article.

    I have two problems with the last post. It is a silly and flimsy excuse. What ever happened to stick and stones? I guess that isn’t relevant anymore when you can video a confrontation and put it up on the internet as a way of retaliating. What a shame so much energy is wasted on useless and pointless ways of dealing issues.

    If you all want to inherit the world — the first thing y’all need to do is learn to communicate! I don’t mean being grammar nazi’s as one very likely point out my purposely misspelled “y’all” but to learn to reason and realize that people exist in the world that may or may not share a common view.

    Being called names isn’t fun, but take the upper road — find out WHY he called those individuals those names! Maybe in calmly reasoning not only would one quiet the current situation, but also prevent future ones. Resorting to violent actions (and don’t kid yourselves that restraining somebody isn’t one!) only lowers those to the level of the perpetrator.

  2. teenie014 on December 9, 2013 at 12:08 pm

    I know that this is a little bit older but I would Like to say that the mother of this child reporting everything is a serious joke and should let the whole story be told. The so called “bullies” in this article had every right to lay their hands on this boy. He was calling them some very derogatory names. Calling them sluts and names along those lines. He also continued to grab there butts. He was warned more then once to stop by the teachers also. Nothing was being done to stop his actions so the girls took it into their own hands.

  3. Andrew on December 2, 2013 at 12:52 am

    Hi Thor,

    I am not exactly sure what you mean. From what I have seen the majority of the space race activities wound down in the late 60′s, which assuming the people had a college diploma would have meant the youngest people involved would indeed have been baby boomers (barely). However most of them were the pre-war generation. Now what I have seen in terms of the loudest people in the Tea party movement tend to be baby boomers. Help me understand that. The movie “October Sky” had to do with a teenager in the 50′s (based on a true story) however that was the space shuttle missions.

    Now make sure you understand me correctly. I don’t ONLY dislike the Tea Party — I dislike any rabble rousing organization (be it left or right oriented)–and you might want to look carefully at the meaning of rabble rousing. That smells very much like Bullying. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a Duck, it’s probably a duck.

    The real problem of any of these kinds of movements is that they obscure what it is that they are attempting to fix. People spent too much time on ideologies and less on the actual problem. This though is a general problem in any part of life today. Our modern culture want’s two teams — The Winners and The losers, so I guess we are all stuck with ideologies. Don’t forget though a lot of Bullying comes from needing a “winner” It’s all about perceptions and I think a reality check on what is the right perception is long in order. Of course the only real way out is the return of Common sense. I know let’s start a “Common Cents” party (misspelling intended).

  4. Thor on December 1, 2013 at 4:35 pm

    Hi Andrew,

    In my misconstrued statement I reference that it is the generation generally associated with the TEA Party that put us on the moon, not the TEA Party itself. Obviously, the TEA Party did not exist in the ’60′s. And yes indeed it was the men from Peenemunde who boosted us towards that goal. It seemed to me that my comment was intentionally taken out of context in an attempt to discredit my point.

    It’s not like any of the German scientists from WWII went to retirement after the war, they were just employed by other countries whether they wanted to be or not. Werner chose to pack up and surrender to the Americans. Probably a good idea on his part. Any even passing comparison of the AK-47 and the StG-44 might make you wonder where Mr. Schmeisser was after WWII, that would have been in Mr. Kalashnikov’s factory. The former tank commander probably had little to actually do with the design.

    The bullies in politics here for the last century have been the Progressives/Communists/Socialists. Just as they were in Weimar Germany. I believe the police were responding to over 2000 riots a year where commies were beating up all their opponents prior to Hitler establishing some order. (Do I say that Hitler is good? Of course not, so don’t bother trying to paint me as a NAZI- not necessarily directed at you Andrew). The left will squelch all opposition through bullying tactics. The TEA Party may be saying enough already but they are hardly the bullies here. Perhaps you have not seen Harry Reid’s “my way or the highway” policy in the Senate?

    If the people who believe that we need to stop the current path away from this overspending, over weaning, constantly monitoring, leviathan of a bureaucratic monstrosity are to take a course of action what would you recommend that be?

    Nullification of unconstitutional laws at the state level, a constitutional convention to limit federal intervention, or do you think we should wait until actual conflict is the only path left?

  5. Andrew on November 27, 2013 at 2:13 am

    What an interesting discussion here! :-)

    Actually to be really clear, the ones that put us on he moon were anything but Tea Party adherents. They were men brought in from defeated Germany by what is known today as “Operation Paperclip”. Chief among them was Wernher Von Braun (noted German Rocket pioneer, and (sigh) yes the builder of the dreaded V2 Missile). It was the leveraging of V2 Missle technology that allowed NASA to built it’s first rockets that eventually got us to the moon. Children growing up in the 50′s probably remember seeing him on TV (Disney), but these are also on Youtube (search Von Braun, Disney).

    The Tea Party, despite its best attempts otherwise to demonstrate, is one of the biggest bullies in government today. If they had an ounce of brains they would know shutting down the government would yield nothing. This isn’t too dissimilar to the situation of Bullying. And before people make protest, the law in question was part of a democratic process. I don’t agree with it, but the right approach is a surgeon’s approach and that requires more brains and intelligence than this group has so far demonstrated. Its the difference between Statesmanship and Brinkmanship–the latter being Bullying best exemplified.

    Where does the problem originate? I would say in innocent forms. Look at TV today — is there a single program that in some way or another builds people up instead of tearing them down? It’s all “humor” cloaked in Sarcasm. Then you add a medium that shields people from the certain repercussions of their words, had they been present face to face and said those things.

    I think an awareness of respect and a realization that Bullies have no real power of their own is the only way to fix this (and that includes Congress too!).

  6. freedom on November 26, 2013 at 10:26 pm

    Physical attacks should also include the verbal abuse by people, if the ones defending themselves are accused of abuse. How many kids say things at school or elsewhere that they wouldn’t say around mommy? Automatically believe one over the others? I think both sided should be told…not just one!

  7. Thor on November 26, 2013 at 3:53 pm

    MikeB, apparently false patriotism is thy name. You check in with outlandish claims and try to cloak yourself (and your greed) with ‘reason’ through name calling.

    The only people I’ve every heard call the TEA Party an extremist group are communists, fellow travelers, or useful idiots.

    If you ever have an actual point as opposed to just vulgar spew be sure to check back in.

  8. MikeB on November 26, 2013 at 8:51 am

    The notion the tea party put men on the moon evokes side-splitting laughter. After all, it was a Herculean effort by our (evil) federal government, financed by our tax dollars. And it involved thousands of brilliant scientists, engineers and technicians educated in “government schools.” Please don’t malign the Amish. They are true to their faith (unlike many who call themselves “Christian”). And yes, I’m a proud “maroon” who is deeply concerned about the dangers presented to America by extremist groups like the tea party, which attempts to cloak its agenda with false patriotism.

  9. Thor on November 25, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    Another interesting scree from someone who’s obviously a shining example of the school system.

    I always find if I don’t have an actual point to make that it’s best to just make baseless assumptions and cast aspersions. I can assume then that you don’t want children to be raised with morals or an understanding of history. Science and technology? Laudable pursuits, so you think I’m what; TEA Party and Amish?

    In case you hadn’t noticed it was the generation of American’s heavily represented in your much maligned TEA Party that put men on the moon. As opposed to some of those blinding accomplishments of today like twitter, facebook, video games, and typing primarily with your thumbs.

    As Bugs would say, What a maroon, an ultra maroon.

  10. MikeB on November 24, 2013 at 9:21 pm

    Yes, we don‘t need public, government schools. All children should be forced into voucher-funded religious education where they can be shielded from science and technology. There they can learn the proper morals and philosophy of our great American tea party. Unless they’re poor or from an immigrant family. In that case, it’s they’re own fault and screw ‘em. It’s what Christ would want.

  11. Thor on November 24, 2013 at 1:52 pm

    This problem will not be solved by changing school systems. Not until teachers are expected to bring discipline back into the classrooms and hallways.

    Government schools are raising our children like animals, and to be addicts to technology. No critical thought, no discipline, no morals. But it’s all inclusive so that’s okay.

    Just wait for the joys of Common Core.