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City BZA Approves Variance for Detail Shop & Restaurant

June 5, 2013

  06/06/13 Within the year Plymouth is expected to have another sit-down restaurant after the actions of the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals.

Tuesday night Clarence (Chip) Dean appeared before the BZA seeking a variance of use to permit to allow Dean’s Detail Shop and a restaurant to be in the former Warana Restaurant at 1009 Lincolnway East. 

  Dean told the board member that he purchased the property in 2011 and was told that the property was zoned for the restaurant.  It wasn’t until recently that he learned that it was zoned residential in 2008, although the current land use map and new map in the soon to be approved comprehensive plan list the property as commercial. 

Chip said he plans to operate the Detail Shop in the large rear parking area until the restaurant opens and then relocate it.  He will erect a temporary steel building to wash and detail the vehicle in.

In the mean time to he will begin the renovations to the restaurant.  Dean wants to open a BBQ restaurant, “A nice safe place to go get a nice meal and maybe a beer or two.”  He has the equipment for the kitchen already lined up and is just waiting on the approvals to get started on the project. 

There were a couple of neighbors who were concerned with the proposal.  Yvonne Camino owns the seven apartments directly to the west.  Her concerns were that the water line for the restaurant building comes into her building and then splits off into his property.  She also has concerns with noise from the detail shop or the restaurant bothering the seniors who live in her facility. 

Freda Honeycutt lives just to the northeast of the property and said she has issues with storm water draining onto her property. She also was not in favor of any kind of auto work in the neighborhood. 

Fred Wolf spent 14 years on the city’s Planning Board and said he supports the project but wanted to see details plans of the detail shop.  He also wanted to be sure that Dean met all codes. 

After a discussion the Plymouth BZA approved the special use, dependent upon Chip Dean meeting all the requirements to operate the detail shop and restaurant by the local and state standards.

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