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City BZA Denies Variance for Motorcycle Repair Shop in Carriage Hills

December 4, 2013

  12/05/13 The Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals denied a variance of use request for a motorcycle repair shop in the Carriage Hills subdivision.

John and Gretchen Manning were seeking the variance of use from the Plymouth BZA for their home in Carriage Hills. John is a certified technician for Harley­ Davidson Motorcycles and was seeking to start a small repair business in his garage at his home.

The subdivision is zoned as residential and a variance would be needed in order to conduct business there.

John’s health issues keep him from working in a normal business shop and he has been unemployed for two years. Being able to work out of his home would allow him to work at his own pace.

The couple has a four car garage and the back portion would be dedicated to the business. Neighbors of the Manning’s in Carriage Hills appeared at the hearing to voice their objection to the allowance of the variance.

Their objections were based on covenants of the subdivision and focused on the area as a residential and therefore not appropriate for business. Other objections were that a small business would bring extra unwanted traffic into the area, noise and the possibility of others wishing to start businesses in the subdivision.

Some objectors said they had no problem with Manning working on a motorcycle here and there but did not want a full business at the location. Plymouth Plan Director Ralph Booker also read several letters of objection into the record.

Provided by Rusty Nixon


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