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City Police Investigate Dog Bite Incident on Dickman Street

July 9, 2013

  07/10/13 A severe dog bite incident last week on Dickman Street was investigated by Plymouth Police and has been determined to be an accidental bite. 

Officer John Weir was called by the social worker at Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in Plymouth on Wednesday, one day after the incident. 

Officer Weir responded to the hospital and spoke with the adult who was at home when the dog bite happened and also with two of the three children who were in the room when the incident occurred.

The family had been dog sitting a german sheppard mix, 6 year old male, non-neutered dog. The children and adult male were all together in the living room.  The adult left the room and a short time later heard screaming.  At that point the older child picked up the 4-year old little girl and carried her to the male.  Once he got his wits about him he was able to determine the severity of the bite and immediately took her to the hospital.

During the investigation Officer Weir learned that the 4 year old was standing in front of the dog petting it.  For an unknown reason the dog bite the girl in the face from the top of her head with injuries all the way down the front of her face.  Weir stated that she had surgery and estimated it took 100 stitches to close the wounds.

The hospital social worker also called the Marshall County Humane Society last Wednesday to notify them of the incident. 

The Humane Society has spoken with the dog owner who lives in South Bend. Protocol is for the animal to be confined for 10 days.  Confinement is done by the owner unless the animal involved in a bite case is unknown, and then the shelter will confine the animal for 10 days.  Once it is determined that the animal is free from rabies and current on its shots it can go back to its normal life.  If the animal is still in the shelter and unclaimed, at that point it will be destroyed because they won’t adopt out a dog that bites.  

The german sheppard mix involved in this incident has not had the required shots and must show proof of a rabies vaccine from a vet before it will be allowed to return to its normal life. 

Officer Weir talked to the prosecutor’s office and the only charges from this incident would be an infraction for not having the dog vaccinated, which is basically a ticket. 

In talking with the Marshall County Humane Society, WTCA was informed that they are 100 percent full.  They have several house broken dogs that need homes including a yellow lab, pug, and bullmastiff. They also have many kittens and cats and other dogs available for adoption. Call the Humane Society at 936-8300 for details.

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One Response to “ City Police Investigate Dog Bite Incident on Dickman Street ”

  1. Alicia Czichilski on July 9, 2013 at 9:14 pm

    well i was attacked july 7 2012. i was attacked by a pit bull i was bit over 64 times from my head to my bum. i was nearly killed by the dog i really hope marshall county does a better job taking care of this child. i received no help at all from the police i was sent home from the hospital 3 days later just to be readmitted into warsaw with a severe infection which could of taken my life my heart goes out to this family this is a tragic thing the poor child will never forget this i too have scars all over my body as a constant reminder now i am in debt almost 25,000 dollars and no one will take my lawsuit… to the family my heart is with you i’m sorry any one has to go through this especially a child.