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Coats Statement on Three-Year Anniversary of Obamacare

March 27, 2013

  03/28/13 Senator Dan Coats (R-Ind.) Saturday issued the following statement on the three-year anniversary of President Obama’s health care law:

“Three years after the president signed his unpopular health care plan into law, Americans are feeling the impacts of its many broken promises. Obamacare has stifled economic growth and has resulted in higher premiums, increased costs and burdensome regulations. Despite claims that people would be able to keep their health care plans, millions of hardworking Hoosiers and Americans across the country are forced to change their health insurance coverage because employers can no longer afford to offer it under the health care law.

“I remain committed to repealing this disastrous law and replacing it with a health care system that puts patients first, increases the quality of care and decreases costs. In addition to supporting a full repeal, I will keep fighting to strip away harmful provisions and job-destroying mandates and taxes in Obamacare.”


The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office determined that Obamacare will increase individual health insurance premiums by $2,100 per Hoosier family.

Since his return to the Senate, Coats has consistently supported a repeal of Obamacare. On Friday, Coats voted for an amendment to the Senate budget resolution that called for the repeal of the president’s health care law. Coats previously has voted in favor of a full repeal, defunding the law and stripping away some of its most damaging provisions including the 2.3 percent excise tax on medical device manufacturers.