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Coats Statement on White House Sequester Impact Report

February 25, 2013

  02/26/13 Senator Dan Coats (R-Ind.) Monday issued the following statement regarding the state-by-state report released by the White House on programs and services that will be impacted under the sequestration cuts scheduled to go into effect on Friday, March 1:

“I opposed the Budget Control Act that established sequestration cuts because the policy falsely assumes that all federal programs are equal and therefore all programs should be cut equally. A more responsible way to govern is to separate the essential functions of government from the programs that are duplicative, unnecessary or unaffordable to find ways to reduce spending and save taxpayer dollars.

“Last night the White House released a report on the impact of these automatic cuts but neglected to mention that that the president proposed the sequester plan and has threatened to veto legislation to replace it. Rather than resorting to scare tactics, President Obama should abandon his call for more taxes and instead agree to responsible, targeted alternative spending reductions.”