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Community Open House on City Comprehensive Plan

March 18, 2013

  03/19/13 Last Thursday evening nearly two dozen people attended the Plymouth Comprehensive Plan Public Open House meeting at the Marshall County Museum.

Mayor Mark Senter welcomed those present and thanked those who have served on the steering committee.  He explained the need to update the 2003 Comprehensive Plan.  Senter also said, “My main goal is to not put this in my desk, but keep it on top and use it for the future.”

  Jackie Turner from Ratio Architects gave a brief power-point presentation and overview of the changes. She also talked about the aggressive schedule set out.  The process started in August or September of 2012 and it is anticipated that the Plymouth Plan Commission will conduct a public hearing during their meeting on April 2nd.  The City council should adopt the new comprehensive plan before April 30th.

Folks who attended the open house had the opportunity to review the Draft Map of Future Land Use and the Draft Map of the Thoroughfares.

Turner explained that the Comprehensive Plan is a guide to future development. She said, “It reflects shared values and preferences of residents.”  She continued, “It should be used as reference for decision makers and to help with the chief economic development of the city.”

  One point that came from participants at the initial open house dealt with paths, sidewalks and tails.  Many commented on those already in the city and the need to expand them and continue with the sidewalk replacement project.

The City of Plymouth should have the official final draft by the end of the week.  It is anticipated that it will then be posted on the website for the public to review.  Turner noted that it is 120 pages in length.