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Concern on location of proposed new tennis courts

April 11, 2013

04/12/13  To whom it may concern:

      It has been brought to my attention that the Tennis Courts in Centennial Park need to be replaced in order for Plymouth Schools to host tournaments, sectionals, ect.  The present courts are cracked and can’t be brought up to standard because they lie in the, “Flood Plain”.

      The proposed location for the new courts is, you guessed it, in Centennial Park right in the middle of the Hoosier Old Wheels Field, (the grass northeast of the present courts and just feet away from the flood plain).

      So much for the annual Car Show that funds the Hoosier Old Wheels Club and the “charities” they support our community.

      Will this proposal by the school system impact anyone else? What about the Blueberry Festival?

       They rent the park for the annual Festival that provides funding for the county’s not-for-profit groups, churches, service clubs, scouts and schools.

        The location chosen for the courts will probably eliminate most of the Car Show, the Balloon Launch and Glow, the Sky Diver Exhibitions and maybe the best fireworks display in the area, not to mention fewer cars for all the clubs and the Boy Scouts to park each year.

        This is all because the school system doesn’t want to have to bother with the courts on school property.  Let the city tax payers deal with the liability, the cost of lighting and the maintenance of the facility, instead of the school corporation’s taxpayers.

        Why not another Nixon Field? Another facility, in the public park, which is locked up and the public is not able to use. Why take the only large green space in the park, which is used by more people who visit the park each and every day, then will use the Tennis Courts?

         Why, when the school has more than enough land available to build another family funded complex like the Soccer Field Complex which is located on school property? The generosity of the family willing to build the tennis facility should be applauded.  But, why in “Our Park”, it is special!


                Gloria Espich