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County Council Amends 2013 Salary Ord. for New Probation Officer

February 14, 2013

  02/15/13 The Marshall County Council approved the request of Auditor Lukenbill to amend the 2013 Salary ordinance to create a pay-scale for a brand-new probation officer.  Lukenbill said it’s been quite some time since there have been new hire employees who have a lower pay.  The probation officer being replaced was making $22.22 an hour and the new hire will make $16.44 an hour having to work his way up to the higher pay through his time of employment.  The new hire will be on a 90 day and 90% pay during the probationary period.

Lukenbill told Council members that the State has requested the roll-back the pay of the WIC coordinator to last year’s rate.  The 2013 rate was set at $22.17 including the 3% increase.  Her pay will be rolled back to $21.52 although employees will be able to keep their raises.

In other business the County Council appointed retired accountant Rog Parker from Polk Township to the Marshall County Housing Authority Board.  Other new member appointments included Pam Sarber from Bourbon and Sarah King, a social worker with Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center.