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County Council Approves Personnel Committee Recomendations

November 13, 2013

  11/14/13 After hearing the recommendations of the Marshall County Personnel Committee, members of the County Council approved several changes that will go into effect January 1st, 2014. 

Councilwoman Judy Stone sits on the Personnel Committee and presented the recommendations during the special Tuesday evening meeting.  She said the committee met on October 3rd and November 5th and working with the County’s HR Consultants, Waggoner Irwin & Scheele they reworked the job description for a caseworker supervisor in the Prosecutor’s office and maintenance/custodians in the Building and Grounds department.

The Personnel Committee also recommended reclassification of three legal secretaries in the Prosecutor’s Office.  One will be the new Caseworker Supervisor who will be paid $17.32 hourly and the two caseworkers will be compensated at $16.06 an hour.  These pay increases will be funded from the Prosecutor’s 4D Fund.  The other change in the Prosecutor’s Office was the addition of a full-time clerical position that will be funded by 4D funds and the Prosecutor’s Pretrial Diversion Fund. 

The final change was in Building and Grounds.  There has been a maintenance position and two custodians.  It was suggested to change to two maintenance/custodians at $15.87 per hour, which is not a pay change, and have one custodian at $12.75.

The County Council also approved holding a meeting on December 31st to wrap-up and year end transfers that need to be made.