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County Museum offers New Exhibit from IN Historical Society

May 29, 2013

05/30/13 Visit the new “Faces in the Crowd” exhibit at the Marshall County Museum on loan from the Indiana Historical Society.  “Faces in the Crowd” is not just  the story of political candidates that have visited Indiana throughout the state’s history, but also a photographic history of Hoosiers that have attended the rallies, expressed their opinions and participated at the polls.   

Enjoy photographs of political candidates that have run for national office as they trek through Indiana and campaign in various Indiana neighborhoods, train depots, court houses, and landmarks. 

The images, presented in a contemporary format, were taken by everyday Hoosiers who participated in various events that shaped history.  The exhibit includes photographs of some of the more modern day presidential candidates from Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Sarah Palin to Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Lyndon Johnson, John and Robert Kennedy, and more historical political figures like Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman and Woodrow Wilson as they visited Indiana to gather support and votes. 

Part of the “Faces in the Crowd” exhibit includes authentic rare photographs of Otis Bowen as a tribute to Marshall County’s beloved doctor, Indiana’s governor and national public figure.  The exhibit will be featured at the Marshall County Museum at 123 N. Michigan St. in downtown Plymouth until June 27.