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County Plan Commission to Consider Ordinance Amendment on Wind Turbines

February 27, 2013

  02/28/13 Members of the Marshall County Plan Commission will resume their consideration of a proposed amendment to the county’s Wind Energy Ordinance.  Last month Stephen Snyder from Snyder Morgan LLP in Syracuse presented an ordinance amendment that would basically make it impossible for a commercial grade wind turbine system to locate within the county.

An increase in the setback requirements in a lake districts and town residential zoning would increase from 1,000 feet to 2,640 feet or a half mile.  The proposal calls for setbacks from the property line of any property on which a large wind system or wind tower is not located on and from any public park.  Additional setbacks would require 1.5 miles from any nature preserve or wetland in excess of one-half acre in size and 3 miles from any public or private lake, natural or manmade, over 1 acre in size and from any river.

During the January meeting of the County Plan Commission a public hearing was held with nearly a dozen citizens speaking in favor of the amendment.  With the substantial amount of information that was presented, members voted to table any action to allow them time to review the material.

The Wind Energy Conversion System ordinance amendment is the first item of business for Thursday night’s Marshall County Plan Commission meeting.  The meeting will be held in the second floor meeting room of the County Building at 7:30 p.m.

Other agenda items include the request of Bruce Salyer to operate a car dealership, auto repair, and trucking business at 18412 State Road 331 in Tippecanoe Township.

The County Plan Commission will also consider the application for a minor subdivision of Wenzel Industries for four parcels to be known as Pineview Estates on the south side of State Road 17 just south of Deer Trail.

The County Plan Commission meeting is  open to the public for comments and questions and begins at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, February 28th.


One Response to “ County Plan Commission to Consider Ordinance Amendment on Wind Turbines ”

  1. Thor on February 28, 2013 at 8:28 am

    This sounds like a reasonable proposal.

    The city of Falmouth, MA is currently in the process of decommissioning the wind towers they put in that are too close to homes. Their set back is a quarter mile and they are documenting health issues, noise complaints, negative impact on property values.

    While the greenies in the government will take your tax dollars to pay the companies putting these tower up, you are on your own to take them down. Falmouth just found out that the bill may be as much as 7.5M per tower and those government agencies that pushed the project are nowhere to be seen.

    The setback from the wetlands is reasonable too. Or, just stop complaining about folks shooting Bald Eagles and endangered species because these things swat a lot more than flies.