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County to Submit Hickory Road Bridge Replacement for Federal Funds

November 4, 2013

  11/05/13 Bridge 81 on Hickory Road has a deficiency rating of 40 in the most recent County Bridge Inspection Report.  With that low of a deficiency rating the bridge is eligible for replacement. 

Monday morning County Highway Superintendent Neal Haeck said INDOT has a call out for new projects and he would like to submit the Hickory Road bridge for consideration. 

Haeck said the bridge was submitted 3 to 4 years ago and was unsuccessful but working with MACOG on the project this time he hopes to be successful.  Originally estimated at $1.8 million, Haeck said he would revise the cost estimate and get the project submitted online before early next month. 

County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer said the Hickory Road bridge has piers in the water and during high water conditions log jams accumulate at the bridge. 

Haeck was pleased to learn that INDOT was calling for projects since they haven’t done any in two years.  Although no details were released on the amount of funding available statewide it was noted that the projects would be an 80 / 20 split.

The free dirt at the jail is done.  Haeck said a biggest majority of the dirt has been given away.  What’s left will be leveled up on site.  He said he would be using the county’s loaders to do the work and the commissioners suggested he investigate the cost to rent a dozer to do the work quicker and more efficiently. 

In other business, those who travel on Center Street between the Court House and County Building have discovered that the street is closed for construction.  County highway workers are have removed the dying trees that were in the sidewalk and removed the crumbling sidewalks and will be placing new sidewalks on the west side of the County Building  this week. 

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