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Donnelly: Arbitrary Sequester Cuts Put Hoosier Priorities at Risk

February 27, 2013

  02/28/13 Senator Joe Donnelly spoke Wednesday with Indiana media to discuss the impact of the indiscriminate spending cuts known as sequestration on Hoosiers.  Indiana will see deep cuts to military installations, public safety, education, and public health if these cuts are allowed to go into effect as scheduled.  Donnelly’s office released a fact sheet detailing some of the impact the cuts will have on Indiana.  It is available for download here.

“It is past time for Democrats and Republicans to set politics aside,” said Donnelly.  “It’s critical for both parties to work together to find common sense ways to significantly reduce spending, close unnecessary tax loopholes, and better balance the budget.  We can and should do this in a more thoughtful way.”

“Hoosier priorities are at risk because lawmakers were unable to focus on finding common ground and instead chose to draw political lines in the sand.  Discussions about sequestration should not be about assigning blame and winning political fights—they should be focused on finding an alternative both parties can agree to.  We need to do what is right for our county and get our fiscal house in order.”

Senator Donnelly, who has repeatedly voted for a Balanced Budget Amendment, went on to state his support for the creation of a sunset commission, telling members of the media, “If a program isn’t working for taxpayers, let’s eliminate it.”  A Sunset Commission would conduct a periodic review of federal programs to assess cost-effectiveness.

To read more about sequestration’s impact on Indiana, click here.


2 Responses to “ Donnelly: Arbitrary Sequester Cuts Put Hoosier Priorities at Risk ”

  1. mishlover on February 28, 2013 at 12:29 pm

    Donnelly is a liar, just like Obama. It was just reported that there is more money this year than last year to run the government. Why do they always say this will hurt children, old people, and security? Cut some of the wasteful fat, please. People that voted for Obama and thought their taxes wouldn’t go up are suckers.

  2. Thor on February 28, 2013 at 7:59 am

    Joe is such a kidder, “Better balance the budget” it is to laugh.

    He would of course need to work on actually passing a budget to balance it, he would need to recognize that we are the brokest nation in the history of the world to make it meaningful.

    The real problem with the sequester is not that the cuts are egregious, it is because they are being applied for politcal effect.

    Instead of finding waste to eliminate they are taking the money directly out of operations, they won’t allow changes to the law so that the cuts can be smartly managed, they are employing the “Fireman First” principle where the politicians who don’t want to cut any spending cut critical services instead of wasteful billions spent on effluvia.

    Try going door to door and raise money to do most of what the government does and their coffers would be empty, but he’ll cut those firemen first to make it a crisis and justify spending spending spending.

    Joe comes back to talk to Hoosiers about Hoosier common sense solutions then goes back to DC and votes with Hoosier wallets. It’s why he always slips in those revenue generating (taxes) statements. We’ll close those ‘unnecessary’ loopholes, we’ll make you pay your fare share…because let’s face it, he just hasn’t got enough money to spend yet.