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Donnelly Continues Call for Congress to Help, Not Hurt, Economy

December 8, 2013

  12/09/13 In case you missed it, Politico reported Friday that though our economy is recovering, government dysfunction could continue to threaten economic growth.  According to Politico, Wall Street economists still rate government dysfunction as the leading risk factor for our economy.


Washington has tried very hard this year to crush the economy with debt ceiling fights, clumsy budget cuts, a government shutdown and complete legislative gridlock…  In fact, while most Wall Street economists expect growth to pick up in 2014, they still rate government dysfunction as the leading risk factor.” – Politico


Catherine L. Mann, professor of economics at Brandeis University, told Politico, “If there was anything that even looked bipartisan that made it seem like D.C. was less out of touch and trying to work toward some kind of solutions you would see an improvement in growth that would build over the year.  It would probably have very large global benefits as well. But I’d probably put about a 10 percent chance on any of that happening.”

Senator Joe Donnelly (D-IN)has repeatedly voiced this concern, calling for Congress to help, not hurt, the economy.  During the government shutdown, Senator Donnelly spoke on the Senate floor in October about the negative impact Congress is having on the U.S. and Hoosier economies.


Donnelly said, “It is embarrassing that the actions of some in Congress these days are now the greatest obstacle to future job creation in our country…


“At a time when Hoosiers are trying to get back to work and take care of our families, Congress’ inability to work together is making it so much more difficult. Congress is not helping and is actually hindering job creation and economic growth…


“We must find a way to stop hurting the economy and to actually help the people who have made this country such a great place.”


Donnelly said in October, “I think we need more people focused on what’s best for Indiana, what’s best for our nation, and less about what’s best in politics. This is not about Democrat, this is not about Republican, it’s about America.  That’s what Hoosiers sent me here to do, and that’s what I have tried to do the past few weeks and since my first day in office.”