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Donnelly Praises $374 Million Chrysler Investment, Creation of 1,250 Jobs

February 28, 2013

03/01/13 Thursday afternoon, Senator Joe Donnelly praised Chrysler Group’s announcement of a $374 million investment in four north central Indiana plants, a move that will ultimately create 1,250 new jobs.  Donnelly was central to the 2008-2009 fight to save Chrysler as the automaker moved through restructuring and narrowly avoided liquidation.

“They said this day would never come,” Donnelly said. “But we made the tough choices necessary to save Hoosier jobs, and now Chrysler is stronger in north central Indiana than they were before the auto rescue.”

Chrysler’s $374 million investment is spread across four Indiana plants.  Kokomo Transmission, Kokomo Casting and Indiana Transmission I will receive a $212 million investment in additional equipment and tooling and will see up to 400 new jobs producing eight- and nine-speed transmissions.  Further, Chrysler will acquire the former Getrag facility in Tipton, investing $162 million and adding 850 jobs as it prepares to produce a new nine-speed transmission.

“I won’t rest until every Hoosier who wants a job, has a job,” continued Donnelly.  “The recovery of Chrysler, Kokomo, and our American auto industry has led our national recovery, and the lesson is clear:  never bet against the American worker.”

One Response to “ Donnelly Praises $374 Million Chrysler Investment, Creation of 1,250 Jobs ”

  1. Thor on March 1, 2013 at 7:21 am

    As you work without rest (right) try to find a way to get Hoosiers jobs without a bailout and selling the company to Italians (how broke are they? More broke than us?).

    How many Billions did those millions invested cost us? How much better would it have been if that money had not been siphoned off to support a bloated bureaucracy?

    Indiana is a net loss state, paying the federal government more than is returned. Most states are, paying some like Gov Christie to give O that big hug(NJ gets a 3 to 1 payback from the feds).

    I am glad that Indiana is getting new plants and more jobs, I question that the government had a helping hand in it. The STATE government maybe, making IN a Right to Work state, keeping taxes down, being solvent and having a good business climate. The feds? Not so much.