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Drainage Board has Busy Meeting

April 16, 2013

  04/17/13 Members of the Marshall County Drainage Board award Kolesiak Construction, low bidder for the maintenance project on the Martin Border Ditch Maintenance Project.  The scope of work includes cleaning to the original bottom for approximately 7,090 feet from Elm Road up stream to 9B Road.  The project will consist of two segments and the contractor is to remove and burn and bury any brush from the ditch banks. 

The Drainage Board conducted a public hearing on the request to convert a mutual drain to a regulated drain in Green Township.  The drain, currently know as the Hayn Arm will be added to the McComber Drain in the vicinity of 14th and Maple Road.  There were no comments either for or against and the drainage board approved the request.

County Surveyor Larry Fisher informed board member of the completion of the Buck Tile project on Muckshaw Road.  He said everything had to be replaced on the east side of the railroad tracks including under the roadway where the old metal culvert had completely deteriorated.   The county was scheduled to pave the roadway Monday afternoon and the yard work for the Crutchfield’s will be done as soon as things dry out. 

In other business, Fisher told the drainage board that they are still trying to get an INDOT permit for the Logan Drain of State Road 17.  The state will be required to pay their fair share of the project since they are in the watershed like everyone else.  The biggest issue seems to be the lack of funds by the state.  Fisher said, “They say they don’t have the money to do it.”  He suggested treating them like an urban drain and allow them to pay over a 10 year period.  Commissioner Jack Roose said, “We have been working on this thing for two years.”  The state will be required to replace the 24 inch pipe under state road 17 southwest of Plymouth with the jack and bore system.