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Fall Parties at Triton & Argos Elementary

November 5, 2013

  11/06/13 As part of their Fall Party at Triton Elementary School, kindergarten students enjoyed carving pumpkins.

Pictured in Mrs. Finley’s class are: Sphi Rowe, Jayden Weley, Gavin Riffle, Principal, Mr. Jeremy Riffle, and Cohen Stayton.


Argos Elementary students line up for their Halloween parade last week.  These creative students held their annual holiday parade before the remainder of the students in the elementary gym.

  Kdg Picture ID (left to right): Kindergartners William Barenie, Peyton Filson and Henry Kiggins

  Grade 1 Picture ID (left to right):  First graders Ben Zahm, Morgan Barcus, Juliana McIntire

  Grade 2 Picture ID (left to right): Second graders Kendra Milliser, Luke Shafer and Trentin Bowering

  Grade 3 Picture ID (left to right): Third graders Isabella Stults, Peyton Heckaman, Brayden Weaver