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Farmers Returning to their Fields

April 23, 2013

  04/24/13 Farmers across Marshall County are now returning to their fields preparing for the planting season.

“Farmers are trying to get to work, just like many other people who travel our roads,” said Charlie Houin County Farm Bureau President.

Drivers should be on the lookout for orange slow moving vehicle signs and be prepared to slow down as they approach.  SMV(slow moving vehicle) signs indicate the vehicle is traveling 25 miles per hour or slower.

Houin said that many drivers don’t realize how fact they may close in on a tractor or farm implement.

“It only takes about five seconds to close a gap the size of a football field if a car is going 55 mph and a tractor is going 15,” Houin said.

Drivers are asked to be patient with farmers on the road.  Most farmers will pull over at the first safe opportunity to let other vehicles pass, but drivers should be certain that a tractor is pulling over rather than planning a left turn.

“Our community has a strong agricultural base, and there will be many tractors and implements on the road in the coming weeks.  Farmers should be courteous to other drivers, but those in cars must be award that tractors are traveling slowly and may not always be able to pull over immediately,” commented Houin.