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Fire Chief Miller Presents 2012 Activity Report

January 16, 2013

1/17/13  Monday night Plymouth Fire Chief Rod Miller presented members of the Board of Public Works and Safety with his Departmental Activity Report for 2012.  Firefighters and emergency medical personnel responded to 2,180 alarm situations last year.

EMTs responded to 1,716 calls last year and 155 medical assists. Looking at the report you will find that Fire and or EMS were cancelled en route 65 times and responded to 45 false alarms.

During 2012 firefighters responded to 34 natural vegetation fires, 22 structure fires, 15 rubbish fires, 14 public service assistance calls, 13 vehicle fires and 13 unintentional system operations.

Last year firefighters from Plymouth responded to 12 combustible spills or leaks, 9 system malfunctions, 8 electrical problems and 8 persons in distress, and 6 smoke or odor problems. There were 5 other fires, 4 chemical release or reactions, 4 hazardous conditions ad 3 special type of incidents.

Fire and or EMS responded to two each…crop fires, EMS calls where the party had been transferred, extrication, other fires, Hazmat release investigations, rescue standby, EMS rescue calls, service calls, severe weather, special outside fires, steam mistaken for smoke, and two wrong locations with no emergency found.

The 2012 Fire and EMS activity report lists one each for animal rescue, citizen complaint, excessive heat, an unauthorized burning, and one water problem.