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Flip Flops for Operation Quiet Comfort

June 27, 2013

  06/28/13 Operation Quiet Comfort is seeking the assistance to local residents to help purchase flip-flops for the troops. 

This Saturday, June 29th Old Navy will have their annual $1 flip-flop sale.  If you wonder why Operation Quiet Comfort sends flip-flops to the troops Jan Houin explained, “Usually all of the patients receive a pair of flip-flops cause they only have boots and no shoes when they get to the medical units.  If they are mobile then they have to have on some type of shoes and the flip-flops work for them.” 

Old Navy puts a limit on the number you can buy so Houin suggests rounding up your family members, neighbors and friends to purchase for the troops.  Or if people are standing in line and not buying them, ask them to pick them up for the troops. The mainly need men’s sizes medium and large and dark colors.

Houin said she had a special arrangement with one of the Old Navy stores near us who will allow them to make a major purchase so you could send a donation to OQC and note “Flip-Flop” on the check.  Houin said, “We don’t have to receive your donation by Saturday but let Houin know the amount of your donation by Saturday so they have a total before they leave.

Donations can be sent to:

Operation quiet Comfort

307 Palmer Lane

McCormick, SC 29835

Flip-flops can be dropped off at WTCA or A.S.K. For Flowers in downtown Plymouth.

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