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Grant Allows Trition to Purchase Triple Balance Scales

April 9, 2013

  04/10/13 The Triton Elementary School sixth grade students in Mrs. Watkins’s science class received four triple balance scales for measuring mass in Science. A Gottschalk grant was given for these items and the students have recently utilized these scales to measure mass. In their lab students first estimate the mass of various objects, then found the actual mass using the triple-beam balances. 

Students were divided so that each group had one triple-beam balance scale. They also had to group items together to reach a targeted mass for example Can you combine 3 items to come up with a mass of ________ ?  Students predicted the mass of every item before actually measuring them on the triple balance scales.

Pictured are:  Delanie Groves, Beau Hepler, Tyler Neff, Jarrett Gard

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