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Indiana Department of Education Update Regarding ISTEP+ Online Testing

May 2, 2013


  05/03/13 Based upon assurances made by CTB McGraw-Hill, the Indiana Department of Education will continue ISTEP+ testing for Hoosier schools on Friday, May 3.  In order to minimize interruptions to students, the Department has again asked schools to reduce their daily testing load by approximately 50%.  The Department has also extended the testing window by two days to May 17, 2013. 

Schools reported minimal interruptions throughout the day on Thursday and as of 4:00 PM reported over 345,000 testing sessions were completed statewide.  In total, over one million testing sessions have been completed this week, roughly 41% of the total expected sessions for the ISTEP+. 

Thursday, Superintendent Ritz continued to maintain constant contact with schools throughout the state as they navigate through this difficult situation.  She remains committed to working with schools, students and parents to ensure that they have the time they need to guarantee all Hoosier students have the opportunity to take a fair test. 


One Response to “ Indiana Department of Education Update Regarding ISTEP+ Online Testing ”

  1. Andrew on May 2, 2013 at 6:11 pm

    I am rather stunned that such mediocrity exist today!

    A large company like this doesn’t have the competence to actually use a scripted real-world test scenario? This isn’t rocket science. I worked on a hotel project (a well known 5 star hotel) in the 90′s and we had 10 different “test users” (for a total of 2000 online users) that did different transactions to simulate real world load — and we ended up coming within 2% of the actual real values once the system became productive. That’s the only way to test a system.

    Finally with cloud computing that exists today I would have been short work to clone these servers enough to give the scalability needed without having to go to a 50% solution. If not, the system was poorly designed.