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Jana’s Girls Win at Chesterton

January 9, 2013

01/10/13 Jana’s Gymnastics competed in the Catch A Wave Gymnastics Meet in Chesterton on Sunday, January 6th.  Jana’s Silver and Platinum Teams each earned 1st Place and Jana’s Gold Team came home with the 2nd Place trophy.


  1st Place Silver Team Members:

Row 1: Tessa Hutchinson, Camryn Haskins

Row 2: Carissa Kulpa, Lauren Miller, Zoey France


2nd Place Gold Team Members:

Row 1: Claudia Marohn, Julia Kinney, Abby Machnic

Row 2: Julia Marohn, Caitlin Kulpa, Sara Hunter, Jadyn Evans


  1st Place Platinum Team Members:

Emma Delinski, Mia Harvey, Kyla Heckaman


Here are the results:


Camryn Haskins: Vault 7.45, Bars 8.1, Beam 8.55, Floor 8.75, AA 32.85(5th)

Tessa Hutchinson: Vault 8.225, Bars 9.25(1st), Beam 9.275(3rd), Floor 9.15(2nd), AA 35.9(3rd)

Lauren Miller: Vault 8.9(1st), Bars 8.75, Beam 9.375(2nd), Floor 9.0, AA 36.025(2nd)

Zoey France: Vault 8.55(2nd), Bars 9.15(2nd), Beam 9.575(1st), Floor 9.225(1st), AA 36.5(1st)

Carissa Kulpa: Vault 8.4(3rd), Bars 8.95(3rd), Beam 8.775, Floor 9.125(3rd), AA 35.25(4th)



Julia Kinney: Vault 8.45(3rd), Bars 7.95, Beam 8.85(3rd), Floor 8.7, AA 33.95(4th)

Sara Hunter: Vault 8.35, Bars 8.2(3rd), Beam 9.05(2nd), Floor 8.9(3rd), AA 34.5(3rd)

Claudia Marohn: Vault 8.55(2nd), Bars 9.0(1st), Beam 9.075(1st), Floor 9.275(1st), AA 35.9(1st)

Abby Machnic: Vault 8.725(1st), Bars 8.65(2nd), Beam 8.65, Floor 9.25(2nd), AA 35.275(2nd)

Caitlin Kulpa: Vault 8.3, Bars 9.0(3rd), Beam 8.1, Floor 8.75, AA 34.15(8th)

Jadyn Evans: Vault 8.75(5th), Bars 8.9, Beam 7.8, Floor 9.125, AA 34.575(7th)

Julia Marohn: Vault 8.6, Bars 8.0, Beam 9.1(3rd), Floor 9.1, AA 34.8(6th)



Kyla Heckaman: Vault 9.225(1st), Bars 8.8(1st), Beam 9.225(1st), Floor 9.225(2nd), AA 36.475(1st)

Emma Delinski: Vault 9.175(2nd), Bars 7.25(3rd), Beam 8.825(2nd), Floor 9.325(1st), AA 34.575(2nd)

Mia Harvey: Vault 8.575(3rd), Bars 8.0(2nd), Beam 8.35(3rd), Floor 9.1(3rd), AA 34.025(3rd)