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October 2, 2013

10/03/13 Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation announces that reCap Mason Jars plans to donate a portion of sales to support the research of the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment. Beginning Tuesday, October 1st, in the spirit of National Breast Cancer Awareness month, five percent of all pink lid purchases will be donated to the continuation of research.


Triple-negative breast cancer research, which is an especially challenging type of breast cancer that is difficult to treat traditionally because of its unresponsiveness to treatments, is undergoing research in the Kanzius labs.


“Radiowaves, such as those you tune into using the car radio, can penetrate deep into breast tissue without causing adverse side effects. Our recent work has shown that RF energy causes an ‘interesting effect’ in animal breast cancer tumors – it dilates and opens up the tumor blood networks allowing more chemotherapeutics to get inside. In theory, this effectively means we can decrease chemotherapy dosage, increase the efficacy and reduce the negative side effects of chemotherapy,” stated Stuart J. Corr, PhD, Kanzius researcher at MD Anderson Cancer Center.


Karen Rzepecki, founder of reCap Mason Jars, states, “The Kanzius Treatment is unique. I believe in the technology and I firmly believe that this treatment has the potential to change the lives of those affected with cancer, especially very aggressive forms of cancer such as triple-negative breast cancer.”


reCap Mason Jars, a newly founded company that produces lids for mason jars, was a finalist in the recent Ben Franklin Technology Partners BIG IDEA Business Plan contest for Northwest Pennsylvania, and received $10,000 for the outstanding business plan presentation. Proud of sustainability values, the reCap Mason Jars office is solely powered by solar energy and heated with a wood fire and renewable or recycled materials are used for packaging whenever possible.


For more information on breast cancer research and the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment visit To purchase a pink lid to support the research of the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment, visit the Kanzius gift shop at, or the official reCap Mason Jars website at




About the Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation

Kanzius Cancer Research Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission to create national and global awareness of the potentials of the Kanzius Noninvasive Radiowave Cancer Treatment, and to help accelerate the speed at which this research progresses through human trials. The goal of the Kanzius Foundation is to raise money to support ongoing research grants. Pancreatic, liver and colorectal cancers in test subjects are undergoing extensive research in Houston and Pittsburgh; additional, ongoing studies are currently focused on breast, leukemic, lung, melanomic, osteocarcenomic and prostate cancers. For more information about the Kanzius research, visit